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Goal Setting
By: Activ8 Health & Fitness

Activ8 hopes you enjoyed a joyful Christmas and a happy New Years. 2011 was a great year for us with the opening of our first gym at Dolans Bay Marina. We thank everyone that has been part of the process. We had some excellent achievements from our clients, with achieving goals such as weight loss, improving flexibility, getting rid of 15 years of lower back pain and even running in a marathon. Congratulations to everyone and we are looking forward to seeing some wonderful results again this year
Well, now that Christmas and new years has past, its time to set your 2011 goals. When you go to to set your goals, keep in mind all influencing factors such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, working commitment and everything that may effect them.
When setting your goals:

• Start off with your 2011 overall goal. - write this down
• Decide what intervals you want to set goals in - this could be every 6 weeks for example.
• Start setting goals - starting from the start of the year, set goals beginning with a small easy achievable
goal, and building up all the way to your overall goal using your chosen intervals
• Set rewards - Now all you need to do is set rewards for each goal (this is the fun part...) Same as the
goals, you should set small rewards at the beginning and build up to a big overall reward such as a
holiday or something substantial for your overall goal
• Show your partner, Put up where you see it everyday and give copy to your trainer - This could be at
your office, fridge door, bedroom. Having support from as many people possible will help achieve your

Good Luck

Added: 18-01-2011