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Hip fractures in the elderly...
By: Pure Results Personal Training

Hip fractures in the elderly...


Hi, my grandma has just came over to stay at my place for the next couple of weeks. You see about a week ago she had a fall at my parents place and unfortunately fractured her hip. She is a bit of a super woman and still going strong at 91 years of age and living life to the full.

She has spent the past two weeks in hospital and now cannot climb any stairs. So it is out of the question for her to go back to my parents place where she lives because they live on the top floor of a block of units. Fortunately my place has only a few stairs at the entrance.

I believe that hip fractures are one of the most common injuries that the elderly experience and are often caused by a fall, like my grandma's, usually a seemingly insignificant fall. I read some frightening statistics that the risk of loss of independence is more than 40% after a fall. And then there is that other statistic that I don't want to think about. God willing she has a speedy recovery...

By improving bone density and becoming more active an elderly person can lesson their chance of these sorts of injuries, I believe. Now at 91, its fantastic that my grandma is still going strong. I've seen people in their 60's and 70's looking and performing exceptionally well because they remain active and participate in weight bearing exercises which have a profound effect on maintaining a healthy body and healthy bones as well as helping them maintain better balance.

While maintaining fitness is important for the elderly the main focus should be on exercising safely.

Robtest, here are some simple steps can help prevent falls in the elderly:

  •  Stay active and do some weight bearing exercises if possible

  •  Take a bone density test - I believe doctors can perform this for you

  •  Perform a home safety test

  •  Check your vision

Added: 12-07-2010