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Is It All in Your Mind?
By: Pure Results Personal Training

Is it all in your mind?

When we smell a certain fragrance does it sometimes remind us of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? How about listening to an old song, does it sometimes bring back memories of past experiences. What is this phenomenon? It's called linking and what we associate to things while we are in a deep emotional state gets linked up.

In our daily lives we are driven by two forces. We either do something because we think that at some level we will gain pleasure from doing it, or we think that at some level it will be painful, so we avoid it. These twin forces therefore form the basis of everything we do or fail to do.

Let me give you an example. Why do some people smoke and others don't? I don't believe that consciously anybody would wilfully indulge in any activity that was "negative" or "destructive". We tend to do things with a positive intent. People don't smoke because they are out to kill themselves. They do it because of the way it makes them feel. Or the way they think it makes them feel. In their brain they've somehow associated or linked up that smoking equals pleasure and that not smoking equals pain.

On the other hand people that don't smoke have linked up or associated that smoking is much more painful and that not smoking is pleasurable. It's that simple.

People that have given up smoking have somehow made a shift in their core thinking that attaches a great deal of pain to smoking. It's like linking sugar with broken glass. If in your sub-conscious mind you truly believe that by eating sugar it would be awe fully painful you wouldn't do it.

Why is cocaine a multi billion dollar industry? Because it gives you a double bang for your buck. Firstly it produces almost instant pleasure and secondly it takes away your pain. But then why isn't everybody addicted to Cocaine. Because some people have linked up that Cocaine is dirty, that it's addictive and destructive, that you are not in control or yourself, that it ruins families etc.

I never ever understood why they paid Michael Jackson ten plus million dollars to do a three minute Pepsi commercial. Now I do understand, it's all about linking and associations. The advertisement industry is so smart. They know millions of people feel unbelievable when they hear Michael Jackson's music. So they said we want people to feel the same way when they think of Pepsi Cola. So what they did was link it up. Here Michael's music see a picture of Pepsi or see Michael drinking it. And they used repetition to put people in a deep emotional state and then linked Pepsi to it. Absolutely Brilliant...Just like we link a perfume or aftershave with an old flame. It just brings back memories because we were in a deep emotional state when we smelt that fragrance.

I don't know if this is why Mcdonald's have kids play areas within their restaurants. But if they did it intentionally then they are absolute geniuses. When the kids are playing, laughing and having fun (in a deep emotional state), they smell the McDonald's burgers. Feeling happy, smell the food, feeling happy, eat the food. Sooner or later the happiness is linked with the food. So what happens when these kids grow up. They don't even know why they are addicted to Mcdonald's but for some weird reason they feel happy when they smell and eat the food.

Think about how this applies in your life.

This is just my two cents ...something to think about...Rob

Added: 12-07-2010