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NEW: Referrals rewards & Loyalty program...
By: Activ8 Health & Fitness

Our objective at Activ8 is to offer products and services to keep our clients 100% happy all the time. We want our clients to be part of the Activ8 family for days, months and years to come.
We understand that it takes time and hard work from our clients to achieve their goals, so we have developed 2 programs to say thanks and give something back to YOU!
We appreciate all referrals in which we receive from our current clients,  so to show our appreciation and say thanks, we have come up with a \"Referral Program\", and for all our long standing clients, we have designed the \"Loyalty Program\" to reward you for all your hard work.

-  For everyone that refers someone to Activ8, they will receive a 10    SESSION CARD to be used by either
yourself and/or your friend/s at any of our group sessions, classes and even gym entry.
- For the person that refers the greatest number to us until the next e-newsletter, they will receive a nice
Health & Fitness package to pamper themselves with. This will include things such as massages, PT
sessions, and much more valued over 100\'s of dollars ....... (Winners and awards will be announced in
next \"Pulse\"  newsletter)
2. ACTIV8 LOYALTY PROGRAM (Current clients);

We like to reward people for maintaining there training with us to reach their goals. We believe that our clients should be rewarded for there efforts, so we have designed this program for our current clients;

- There will be reward stages, with the number of attendances for Personal Training. These stages are
every 50 sessions ....50, 100,   150, 200...
- Once you have reach the next stage, you will be rewarded in $$$
- You will be informed in the next e-newsletter, and you will receive that amount of sessions in money
on your account, to be enjoyed and spent on anything such as; gym entry, classes, food & Drink, or
even your PT sessions
We hope that enjoy these programs

Added: 08-03-2011