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Question about Nutrition
By: Pure Results Personal Training

Question about Nutrition

Here's a question I answered earlier this week Robtest that you may be interested in..

Topic: Nutrition

Question: am 41 yrs young, 5'4" 81 kg. I eat the following on a daily basis (this doesn't change from day to day):

B/fast - either porridge with a protein shake or poached eggs (1 whole & 3 whites) on rye toast.

snack - either protein shake with an apple or 2/3 cup fat free yogurt with 1/3 cup low fat cottage cheese with sunflower seed & raw cashews (1/2 handful) or tin of tuna.

Lunch - basmati rice (fist size when cooked), chicken breast (palm size portion) & vegies afternoon snack - whatever I didnt have for the morning snack that day. Dinner - either chicken or tuna & salad or scrambled eggs (1 whole & 3 whites) with vegies if I didnt have eggs at b/fast.I drink a min of 3 litres of water per day.

I exercise as follows:

Daily 30 min walk 4 times a week a fitness class (3 x cardio, 1 x toning)

min twice per week weights at the gym.

I find it extremely difficult to get my weight under 80 kg, can you provide me with any advice on the training or eating that I am doing.

Many thanks


Hi Karen,

It sounds like you're doing a lot of things right. There could be many reasons you are not losing weight. I don't know you're whole story but I'm guessing you were a fair bit heavier and you've managed to lose considerable weight thus far. I say that because you're eating and exercise program is quite good. And now you need to take it to that next level.

Here are my tips:

1. Change your diet around. Eat different types of protein and different types of carbs. Make sure they are still clean and healthy but try for example turkey instead of chicken and brown rice instead of basmati. Our bodies were made to adapt to things so you need to shock it sometimes.

2. Change your exercise regime. Add some interval work, some sprint work. Some high intensity cycling. Some boxing or kickboxing. Again the body adapts very well to exercise. And that's why you need to change your exercise regime every 6 weeks or so. It doesn't need to be radical but you need to get the body out of a routine. That's why you see some people in aerobic classes look exactly the same year in year out. But they exercise like every day.

3. Start cycling your complex carbs. One day do a low carb day, next do a medium and then do a relatively high or normal day.

4. If you can handle more fish and green veggies. You will definitely lose more weight if you do this consistently and don't cheat at all.

5. Take some good fats like linseed or flaxseed oil. You need to trick your body into becoming a good fat burner not a good sugar burner. You provide your body with good fat. It burns it and gets used to doing this then it gets to a stage where it doesn't know the difference and you start burning stored bodyfat.

6. Water is the most effective fat burning supplement in the world. I've just released my latest newsletter which has details about how much you should drink for your weight. Please do me a favor and signup to it. You'll be so glad you did. I offer so tonnes of free information on how to lose weight and tone up. You can even download and save all my previous issues as PDF's.

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I hope this helps....

Kind Regards


Added: 12-07-2010