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The importance of Water
By: Pure Results Personal Training

The importance of Water!!

Everybody always asks me: what the best and most effective weight loss supplement? And I always say Water. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close to drinking plenty of water as a way to lose body fat. If your goal is to lose fat and keep it off and you want to do it naturally as your body and us humans were designed then you must drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day.

One of my clients drinks 5 plus litres of water per day and she has lost approximately 15kgs in the past four weeks. Of course diet and exercise play a major role and I don\\\'t suggest drinking that much. But it all starts with sufficient water. Sounds impossible but you\\\'ve got to ask yourself the question. How bad do I want it. If you want it bad enough you won\\\'t mind going to the toilet every 30 mins.

Water cleans out toxins which inhibit weight loss. Water causes you to eat less when you feel like indulging is something naughty. If you don\\\'t get enough water your liver has to adjust and help your kidneys out and this takes away one of it\\\'s function of fat metabolism. Water does not contain any calories. The first thing I go for when I\\\'ve eaten something bad is the water. It helps fats pass through your system before they can be stored.

Tip: Drink the majority of your water at the beginning of the day and not too much at night so you can have an uninterrupted sleep without having to go to the loo.

Remember this phrase: "The more I drink, the more I shrink" (water that is)

Take Care



Added: 11-07-2010