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Sick of being just a number in all those big commercial gyms? Well here at Activ8 we understand that everyone doesn't like fighting for a machine, not being able to use a mirror as they are all taken and the smell of sweaty bodies, so we have opened a small friendly gym for you.

Trent is coming from a professional rugby league background, he knows what is required to be successful. Whether you are looking for Personal Training in our gym without needing a membership, Personal and/or Group Fitness classes, a program for children, we can help you. We also have an online nutrition and online exercise program now available for those that travel a lot or live away from us.

No matter what your fitness levels and goals are, we can work with you to achieve goals in a motivated, enjoyble and structured way. With working along side a nutritionist and osteopath, we concertrate on our strength and work in a team to help reach your goals.

We know that 95% of the population want to lose weight to some degree so we specialise in helping our clients lose weight at a realistic and maintainable rate whilst also achieving all other goals and health issues. This doesn't mean crazy crash dieting or hectic training, or cutting out favourite snacks and drinks. It means working with highly qualified personal trainers and nutritionist (or online nutrition program) who know how to motivate people to change and enhance their lifestyles for the remainder of your life.

It is all about changing habits. We can help you gradually change your eating habits without dieting, understand food types that suit you and build a unique personal training program made up of resistance and cardio exercises.

It is so easy not to bother, but much more satisfying to give it a shot with guaranteed results. Find out how we can help you feel and look great.

Visit: www.activ8fitness.com.au for information on all our services


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