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Certificate II and III in Fitness


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Ready 24 Hour Fitness


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Our Values: Ready 24Hour Fitness is A No Judgments Gym. This means that we treat everybody as Unique, no matter what your fitness goals. Ready is a gym for all walks of life, and we encourage members to adopt our No Judgment approach. We won’t say we’re better than you! We won’t compare you! We won’t ignore you! We will hold No Judgments attitude and support you all the way.

Ready members Like that we’re open 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days year.

It’s NOT a hotel gym – Ready members Like that we have trainers present on the floor to assist your requests and schedule refresher programs.

Ready members Like that we have variety in equipment and programs to obtain results

Ready members Like that we make Fitness Fun and Entertaining through awesome group classes and a live Jukebox

The Ready Team Like Ready members. We’re not the best, You are

Our Vision: If you’re the competition please don’t read, shhh… Ready aims to deliver Fitness to the active and sedentary people of Central Queensland and abroad. Ready will pioneer fitness as Entertainment Centres of the future. Ready calls this phenomena “FitErtainment”. Ready will create bench marks for Fit Ertainment clubs that no Nightclub or Gym can surpass. Nuff said.